Bead Stringing

Bead Stringing is so satisfying, it's quick and easy to create a beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself, as a gift or even to sell. You'll need a few tools and supplies to get started, pliers, cutters, a design board, and don't forget storage to keep your beads organized.

What's next? Refine your style with using different stringing materials or techniques, like pearl knotting. Add more complexity to your designs with wire wrapping or metal forming.

If you love making rings, necklaces and bracelets and need help measuring them for the perfect fit then you may want to consider checking out our selection of jewelry mandrels. If you're new to the jewelry art world, or would like a new challenge or just some pattern ideas, definitely head on over to our reference section where you can find tons of books on multiple types of jewelry design. And let's not forget, safety first! Every artist should have a good pair of safety glasses. Beads, wire, wax and many other objects can have a mind of their own sometimes. Make sure your eyes and hands are protected!

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