Bead Design Board

Working with beads can sometimes be tricky. Beading boards can make laying out your designs so much easier. You can design your necklaces and bracelets before you even put them on your beading wire. Beading mats are great for beading, as well. The thick padded mats keep beads from bouncing and rolling around. You can roll them up and take them with you wherever you go!

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We're sure you'll find the perfect beading board, bead mat, or bead tray right here at Jewelry Tools. These accessories are designed to assist you in your beading designs and make your jewelry projects easier. With such a wide variety of beading boards, we're sure you'll find exactly what you need. We have multistrand bead boards, straight boards, large and small beading boards. Whatever you need, we have it!

Whether you're new to beading or a seasoned professional we have all of the beading tools you could possibly need! We carry many different brand names, such as Beadalon. Make sure you have all of the proper tools, such as pliers and cutters, and bead stringers. Beads can be a mess if not properly stored and organized. Check out our wide selection of organizers before you checkout.

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