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Not being able to find the tool or jewelry part you need can be incredibly frustrating. You can spend all day looking for a specific clasp if it's not properly organized. We at Jewelry Tools understand how important organization and storage are so we have a wonderful selection of products for you. We carry a wide variety of tool boxes, tool pouches, gem trays, and even plastic bags for storage, or to package your jewelry when you make a sale.

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If you are looking for packaging for finished products, or packaging for when you sell your jewelry and want a safe way for your customer to get it home, you'll want to check out our gift boxes section. We have a wonderful assortment of gift boxes that will add a little something extra to each piece of jewelry. Any type of organizer you can imagine, we have. We know you'll find exactly what you need here at Jewelry Tools.

If you're looking for storage items then you probably have items that need storing and organizing. Maybe you're new to jewelry making and don't even have a plier to your name. If that's the case then be sure and check out all that Jewelry Tools has to offer! We have a wide variety of files, for wax work and the like. We also have saws and saw blades, which will definitely need a place to be stored until they're used. Don't forget jewelry burs. These are a necessity, especially if you're going to be making rings. Have fun and enjoy looking around at all we have to offer!

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