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You’re not alone. Your beads, findings and small jewelry parts naturally mix into chaos. Really, it’s not you; it’s those pesky jewelry components. Don’t let your inventory and supplies get the best of you. Jewelry Tools has storage solutions to wrangle all of your small parts so you can find them when you need them.


Start by making an assessment of your components. Group like items together and then organize by color, then use, and then size. As you sort your inventory you’ll be come familiar with what you have and what you might need to complete your inventory and selection. This task requires some effort, but in the long run you’ll save time and money when you inventory is organized and ready to go.

Small pieces and parts require clear vision and bright lighting. Jewelry Tools has a variety of magnifiers and lamps to help you see as you work that are reasonably priced. Reward yourself with the ideal accessory and make your work time more productive and enjoyable.


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