Bead Vises And Clamps

If you need vises or clamps for your beading project, we have the perfect one for you. Our drilling vise makes drilling pearls and beads incredibly easy. The two brass jaws on the vise will hold the stone securely and line it up for perfectly centered drilling from any side without breaking or cracking the pearl or bead. All of our vises and clamps are perfect for all of your jewelry needs!
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Our spring clamps come in packs of 12 and are excellent for holding beading board and wire when stringing. You can even remove the PVC covers to use these clamps when soldering. Our fabulous wood bead holder is handy for bead stringers when using a bead reamer. This wooden holder won't scratch your more delicate beads, but it will hold beads securely while cleaning and reaming bead holes.

If you're a big bead artist you'll want to be sure you have all of the proper beading tools. You can always use a good pair of cutters or pliers, so check out all we have to offer! Don't forget to grab an organizer or bead storage container. Beads can be a mess so make sure you have them properly contained. Whatever you're looking for or need for your beading projects, we have it here at Jewelry Tools!

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