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When drilling or cutting you want to be sure you have water or a decent lubricant for safety and for a smoother cut. Here you'll find Euro Tool's very own Cut Lube. Cutting lubricant or drilling lubricant is something everyone should have at their workstation. Pick some up today to complete your work bench. You'll love the way it aids in your cutting and drilling, and wonder how you ever worked without it before.
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Price: $9.95
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Euro Tool's Cut Lube is a hi-tech lubricant that can be used for most cutting applications. If you're looking for cool, clean cuts when sawing drilling or drawing wire, then you'll love this product. This lubricant adheres to the tool surface and isn't as affected by heat as oil is. Cut Lube will make cutting easier and more precise and will aid in the longevity of your cutting tools. Get your two ounce stick of Cut Lube today!

Here at Jewelry Tools we carry many different types of burs and bur accessories for your convenience. We carry a wide selection of wire for all of you wire wrap artists. Don't forget to check out our bench tools. We have a great inventory to complete your work bench that you'll find incredibly helpful. Everyone needs a good pair of safety glasses, so pick up a pair today. Need to keep your tools and supplies better organized? Head over and see all of our organizers and storage options. Whatever you need to be a successful jewelry artist, you'll find it at Jewelry Tools.

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