Burs are used with rotary tools, to refine and remove metal, Jewelry Tools carries over 500 styles of burs. Burs work best with a bit of lubrication, like Cut Lube, for keeping the tool cool and sharp. For stone setting you might need a set of burs, including bud, round, cone, and heart shapes. Cup burs are used on the ends of wire to smooth and refine, removing sharp edges.


To use burs a flex shaft rotary tool is needed, there are many other bits and accessories for flex shaft. A flex shaft hanger is required to keep the motor secure and elevated to allow use of the flex shaft.

With this wide selection of burs you'll need a helpful handle in which to hold the burs while working. We have a wide variety to choose from! Be sure and check out our selection of carving tools for those times when you need to carve in those hard to reach places. If you're working with small jewelry pieces or need to see detail better you may be interested in our Optivisors. These hands free magnifiers are a perfect addition to any jewelry work bench.

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