Welcome to Wubbers brought to you by EURO TOOL! Wubbers is an excellent company and is known worldwide for their jewelry making tools. They use only the best materials to produce quality tools that in turn provide quality performance. Whatever your jewelry project, you'll find yourself needing a good pair of pliers. Wubbers jewelry tools have extra cushy handles for comfort. Their Baby Wubber line offers shorter handles for those who need a little more control. Wubbers tools will ensure your creation is first-rate every time.

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From the flat nose Wubber to the bail making Wubber, Wubbers has what you're looking for. They have some of the best tools you can find. Ever worked with square mandrel pliers? Try Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers and add an entirely new element to your work. If you love to do wire wrap jewelry, or any kind of jewelry making, you'll need good tools, and Wubbers has them!

Wubbers has a wide variety of pliers with extra cushioned handles. If these aren't the style of tools you are looking for, try our other tool section. You'll most likely need a nice pair of cutters for your project, too. Don't hesitate to check out our wide variety of wire cutters. If it's wire you're cutting then you'll want to make sure you have enough. We have many different types and lengths of jewelry making wire.

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