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Wubbers Parallel Round Nose and Nylon Jaw Flat Nose with Replacement Jaw

Product ID: PLR-1818
Regular Price: $44.95

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Wubbers™ Parallel Pliers Round Nose and Nylon Jaw Flat Nose with Replacement Nylon Jaw. Engineered For Maximum Leverage. Parallel Action Jaws Allow For Smooth, Uniform Grip. Endless Opportunities With Multiple Sizes And Shapes Available.

  • Greater versatility in regard to shapes and their sizes. A single pair of pliers can make numerous sizes of ovals
  • Adjustment screw that allows replication of shapes and sizes by holding the width consistent between the jaws
  • Ease of making multiples of the same shape, same size components with no measuring
  • Vice like, powerful grip
  • Increased leverage
  • Even pressure on metal, greatly reducing marring
  • Easy manipulation of strip metal and sheet metal

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