Jewelry Cleaning Swabs

Many jewelry artists love using our clean swabs to clean up their jewelry pieces. These swabs are great for precision cleaning. They are quite useful for people in the watch and clock industry when lintless applicators are required. We're sure you'll find the perfect swab for your current and future products right here. For your convenience, our swabs are available individually and in a pack of 12 where you get 3 of each style of swab.

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All of our swabs come in packs of 12. The sealed foam swabs come in pointed and round shapes. These economical swabs give the best solvent holding ability of any style swab. They are fiberless to guarantee particle free cleaning. Our sealed polyester swabs have raised shapes for tough scrubbing and delicate cleaning. Don't forget the wrapped foam swabs. These durable swabs were designed for precise application. They have a pointed end that works as a pick and a small tip that allows use in very tight areas. The wicking action pulls solvent from surfaces.

We have many other cleaning products for you to peruse. Don't forget to check out all of our storage items and organizers. Make sure you have gloves, or something to protect your hands when using strong cleaning chemicals, as well as safety glasses. Whatever you need for your jewelry work bench, we're sure to have it here at Jewelry Tools. If it's tools you're looking for, start out in our pliers and cutters area. You're sure to find everything you need right here.

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