Every jewelry project needs cleaning to make it dust-free, sparkly and shiny. On this page you'll find items such as foam swabs, steam tweezers, cleaning baskets, jewelry ultrasonic cleaners, SpeckGrabber, and ultrasonic cleaning solution. We carry a wide variety of drying racks, scrubs, and a jewelry kit if you prefer to buy everything in one complete kit. When you need cleaning supplies for your jewelry, you'll find them here.


Here at Jewelry Tools we have a wide variety of cleaning baskets. You can find larger ones that will sit in a sink or hang from the edge, and smaller ones that can hold a ring, or smaller stones that you want to be extra sure don't find their way down a drain. We have polish pads, beaker holders, and SpeckGrabber. This is a unique tool which will remove contaminant particles from delicate and sensitive surfaces.

If you tend to have sensitive skin you'll want to pick up some protective gloves to protect your skin during the cleaning process. If you're starting to accumulate a large supply of jewelry making accessories and tools, then check out our wide variety of organizing containers and boxes. Speaking of boxes, do you sell all of the jewelry you make? Whether giving a gift or packaging your creations for sale, you'll need some attractive boxes to safely store and display your jewelry.

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