Beadalon dead soft beading wire is the perfect wire for the professional bead artist and jewelry designer. There are many different metals, such as 24k gold, sterling silver, nylon-coated, and silver-plated. Beadalon also features many different sizes and lengths of stringing wire for your beading and jewelry needs.

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From 24k gold to nylon-coated, we carry a wonderful variety of stringing wire. We only stock the best wire in various sizes and lengths. If you're interested in beading or making jewelry using stringing wire then this is an obvious "must-have." You can create a simple necklace utilizing the nylon-coated wire, or a more elegant version with the 24k gold. You may even want to make a complete set with a necklace and bracelet to give as a gift, or sell at an art show.

If you're a big bead artist you'll want to be sure you have all of the proper beading tools. We have an enormous selection of beading wire for you to choose from, too! You can always use a good pair of cutters or pliers, so check out all we have to offer! Don't forget to grab an organizer or bead storage container. Beads can be a mess so make sure you have them properly contained. Whatever you're looking for or need for your beading projects, we have it here at Jewelry Tools!

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