Watchmaking Tweezers

Watchmaker's tweezers are in invaluable addition to your watchmaking tool box. Watch tweezers are helpful when you need precise work done. It's nearly impossible to construct a watch simply with your fingers. You'll often need to pick up a very small piece and place it very carefully in the watch you're working on. These tweezers will make that work much easier and faster. Check out our tweezer stock and pick out a few pairs for your work bench.
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We have many different watch tweezers for you to choose from. Here you'll find non-magnetic tweezers, titanium tweezers, curved tweezers, pointed tweezers, plastic tweezers and Dumont tweezers. We have tweezers with many different ends for your convenience such as fine point and v-shaped for holding screws. Any of these will make a fabulous addition to your ever growing collection of watchmaking tools.

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