Square Design Blocks

Our square design blocks come in many unique patterns and designs. These blocks are made to stamp patterns into metal clay designs. They are made from beechwood of the finest quality and treated with oil for durability. Each block is beveled at each end and is 7.0 cm long. We have 46 blocks, but because each block is double ended there are really 92 different stamps to choose from. We're sure you'll find the perfect metal clay square design block here at Jewelry Tools.

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The creative possibilities are limitless when it comes to designing with metal clay design blocks. We have so many different designs for you to choose from. Just perusing through our selection we know you'll be inspired and the creative juices will start flowing. Designs include animals, Native American symbols, nature images and Chinese symbols to name a few, our square design blocks have something for everyone. Check out all we have in stock, we know you won't be disappointed.

Here at Jewelry Tools we carry many different types of metal tools and supplies for your convenience. We carry a wide selection of wire for all of you wire wrap artists. Don't forget to check out our bench tools. We have a great inventory to complete your work bench that you'll find incredibly helpful. Everyone needs a good pair of safety glasses, so pick up a pair today. Need to keep your tools and supplies better organized? Head over and see all of our organizers and storage options. Whatever you need to be a successful jewelry artist, you'll find it at Jewelry Tools.

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