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If you're a watchmaker or make bracelets, and we assume you are because you're visiting this section of our site, then you're well aware how tricky those spring bars can be. They are so small that it can be difficult to remove and set them. Here you'll find a variety of tools made just for the purpose of helping you take care of those spring bars. Check out all we have and pick out the best tool, or two, for your watchmaking tool box.
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Did the Multi-purpose Link and Spring Bar tool catch your eye? This tool is great for removing and replacing friction fitted bracelet pins, bracelet screws and Gucci type bracelet screws. This tool holds your piece securely to ensure your jewelry isn't damaged during repair. We have many spring bar removing tools, that are handheld. They will get those stubborn pins out quickly and efficiently. Whichever tool you choose we're sure that it will make quick work of those spring bars.

Here at Jewelry Tools we carry many different types of watchmaking tools and supplies for your convenience. We carry a wide selection of wire for all of you wire wrap artists. Don't forget to check out our bench tools. We have a great inventory to complete your work bench that you'll find incredibly helpful. Everyone needs a good pair of safety glasses, so pick up a pair today. Need to keep your tools and supplies better organized? Head over and see all of our organizers and storage options. Whatever you need to be a successful jewelry artist, you'll find it at Jewelry Tools.

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