Silicone For Jewelry Making

When it comes to silicone and rubber for jewelry making, we're your one stop shop. Our 4X gold silicone mold rubber is a premium grade, soft silicone rubber with wax release and tear resistance. This mat is intended for intricate designs and for hand cutting. Our rubber pre-cut mold release delivers controlled shrinkage and excellent cutting qualities. These mats are available in flex, firm and low shrink and in strips.

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We carry many different rubber and silicone products for your convenience. We have RTV Silicone which is a clear liquid mold rubber system with zero shrink for accurate model reproduction and 30 minute accelerated cure option. Don't forget to check out the Slick mold release spray. This spray is for rubber molds and is used to prevent broken patterns. All you have to do is spray lightly on rubber mold before injecting wax.

Once you've completed the casting process you'll need dependable tools to carve out and define your jewelry. We have a wonderful selection of wax carvers and wax files. Don't forget our large line of injection waxes. When you need inspiration, or if you're looking for a project to try out, be sure to check out the book Lost Wax Casting. It explains lost wax casting, and why lost wax uses the techniques it does. They also give you some awesome designs to try out!

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