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Many jewelry artists enjoy using tumblers for various reasons. The main use for rock tumblers is just that, rock tumbling. Many people dig up their own stones and tumble them until they are polished to a super smooth finish and brilliant shine. You can put your metal jewelry in a tumbler to polish it and work-harden your finished product. Whatever the reason for picking up a new rock tumbler, we know you'll be completely satisfied with a Lortone tumbler.
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Here you'll find two different Lortone tumblers. The Lortone 3A Single Barrel Tumbler has a 3-pound capacity barrel that is made from hard rubber which minimizes noise, and a durable motor that will last for years. The Lortone 33B Double Barrel Tumbler has two 3-pound capacity barrels with quick seal closure. You can tumble twice as much, or use one for grinding and one for polishing. Either way, your gemstones will achieve a brilliant polish and shine after a tumble with Lortone.

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