Metal Stamping Shapes

Here we have a convenient way to search for metal stamping shapes. carries a huge variety of shapes in different metals, shapes and sizes. Choose whether you want to search by metal or shape. We carry brass, copper and nickel silver shapes. Our shapes vary from circle, square and oval to butterflies and leaves. We're sure you'll find just what you're looking for.

We carry brass, copper and nickel silver in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. These shapes are perfect for enameling and stamping. They can be paired with other metals, on their own, and polished to a high luster. These stamping shapes will add a unique flavor to any piece of jewelry you create. We feel you'll find what you're looking for here and won't be disappointed!

If you're buying stamping shapes with the intention of adding texture to them, you may be interested in our texturing hammers. We have three different texturing hammers that would be perfect for giving your metal a special look. You may find you need some pliers or cutters to assist you in your jewelry project. And, don't forget, safety first! Be sure to swing by and pick up a pair of safety glasses, a must for every jewelry work bench.

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