Metal Forming Blocks

Need a quality bench block to complete your jewelry work bench? We have a wonderful selection right here. You'll find forming blocks and bench blocks of all different shapes, sizes and types. These blocks are very helpful for a wide variety of purposes and you'll always appreciate having one at hand. You can use a block and a hammer to work-harden your finished wire pieces. These blocks are good for straightening wire and removing dents among many other things.
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Our forming block has a variety of grooves for forming and shaping and is case hardened. The wood forming block is best for working with fine or soft metals. Steel bench blocks are great for flattening or chasing. Rubber blocks are extremely handy for filing, hammering and a multitude of other uses. These rubber blocks are made from tough, firm, vulcanized rubber providing you with a great working surface. You can remove dents and straighten metal without fear of scratching or distorting your wire.

Here at Jewelry Tools we carry many different types of metal punching tools for your convenience. We carry a wide selection of wire for all of you wire wrap artists. Don't forget to check out our bench tools. We have a great inventory to complete your work bench that you'll find incredibly helpful. Everyone needs a good pair of safety glasses, so pick up a pair today. Need to keep your tools and supplies better organized? Head over and see all of our organizers and storage options. Whatever you need to be a successful jewelry artist, you'll find it at Jewelry Tools.

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