Knives and Cutting Mats

Whether you're looking for a good knife for mold cutting or just to open watch cases, we have what you're looking for. We have replacement blades in various sizes to suit your needs. We have scalpels, scalpel handles, cutting mats, a safety blade remover and much more! The safety blade remover is simple to use. You just insert the blade in the box, push down on the tab and pull the scalpel handle. It's that easy, and the blade stays safely in the box. Our cutting mats come in three different sizes and are made from a self-healing material. This is beneficial for you as you can cut without dulling blades or hurting your work surface.


Watchmakers will love our selection of bench and case knives. We have the perfect knife for you if you're looking to open snap-on case backs and such. We also carry the Swiss pocket knife! Made in Switzerland by the makers of the Swiss Army Knife! The shorter blade is perfect for opening watch cases. Jewelry Tools is proud to offer EURO TOOL's soft-grip knife! This knife has a soft-grip handle and assures you sharper blades. Don't forget your replacement blades!

If you're a watchmaker then you'll love all of the tools and accessories we have for your business. When you're working on a watch and need to keep it in one position without worrying about it slipping or moving you'll be glad you picked up one of our watch holders. Watches have tiny parts that are difficult to see, even if you have perfect vision. Be sure you check out Optivisors and our wide selection of eyeloupes. They help you to see even the smallest object.

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