Are your metals and wire a jumbled mess? Playing the "guess-the-wire-gauge" game when picking wire for a project from your stash? Unsure what size to make that ring band or how long to make that bracelet? Clearly it's time to add some gauges to your tool bench. A few of these measuring tools in your collection means you'll always have an accurate measurement.


The old adage, "measure twice, cut once" really rings true in the jewelry world. Accurate measurements save time, material and of course, money! Assess what your needs are. Are you a beader who could use a pair of calipers to size beads? Would a ring sizer come in handy to determine a customer's size? Or do you cast pieces and need a trusty scale to weigh metals? Jewelry Tools has a measuring tool to fit your every need.

Reading those tiny marks and numbers on measuring tools can be hard on your eyes. To help make sure your reading is accurate, check out our variety of lamps and magnifiers to shed some light on your projects.

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