Welcome to Jewelry Tool's world of jeweler's screwdrivers! If you're a jeweler, watchmaker, or just a hobbyist you know how valuable a screwdriver can be. While these smaller screwdrivers were originally manufactured for the optical trade they are perfect for jewelry artists. We carry screwdriver sets that come in a stand, a box, a case, and individually. Our line of pockets screwdrivers are perfect for when you're on the go! They are the size of a pen and can store extra blades inside the barrel.

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Be sure and check out our reversible-blade sets. These are very popular screwdrivers! They are made in France and come color-coded so they're easily organized. We also carry a tool stand with sharpener. This upright stand is polished hardwood and offers convenient and safe storage for up to seven of your tools. With a built-in sharpening stone you're sure to have sharpened tools ready at all times!

Once you have a full set of screwdrivers you'll want to complete your jewelry tool box with pliers and cutters. We carry a wide variety of tools and are sure you'll find exactly what you need. If you're a watchmaker, you'll be interested in our watchmaking tools. Everything a watchmaker could need is right here at Jewelry Tools! Don't forget to grab a pair of safety glasses. No work bench is complete without them!

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