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If you're in the market for a new loupe or two, then you've come to the right place. We have over 50 different styles, colors and magnifications of loupes here at Jewelry Tools. Loupes are extremely useful if you work with smaller jewelry accessories or watch parts. Loupes are also small so they're easier to use than a large magnifying glass or microscope. You can use them when you're on-the-go or quickly at your work station. Check out all we have to offer, you won't be disappointed.
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Looking for a loupe with a little more pizzazz? Check out the many colors we carry from red to brown, green to blue and black. We have the traditional gold, silver and black in most styles, too. All of these loupes are made with quality materials to last you for a very long time. Many even come in a protective carrying case so you always know it's safe. Pick out the perfect one, or two, for your work bench today!

If you can't see what you're doing, then making jewelry is that much more difficult. After you've added what you need here into your shopping cart, head over to our optical page to see all the visual enhancements we have to offer. You may have picked up a loupe chain, but do you have a loupe? Prefer to have hands free magnification? Check out our line of Optivisors. We're here to help and want to see you succeed. Jewelry Tools has everything you need for your jewelry making.

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