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Flat nose pliers are a must for any jewelry artist, craft enthusiast, and hobbyist. It's hard to find a situation where you don't need a good pair of flat nose pliers. They're great for holding wire ends, grasping small findings and components and much, much more. No tool bench is complete without flat nose pliers. We carry only the best pliers for you, in a wide range of prices. Scroll on down and see all we have to offer.
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Flat nose pliers with smooth jaws, serrated jaws, nylon jaws and more! We have every kind of flat nose plier you require. If you suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis then you'll enjoy our many varieties of ergonomic pliers. If you're a hardcore jewelry artist, then be sure to check out our top-of-the-line Lindstrom pliers. These tools can take a beating and continue to provide consistent service time and time again.

If you're into bead crimping and are looking for crimping tubes and beads, check out our wide selection of crimp beads. Don't forget some beading wire, too! We also have a great selection of jewelry wire. If you have a nice new pair of wire cutters, you'll need wire to cut with! We hope you enjoy Jewelry Tools and know you'll find everything you need right here.

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