Euro Crimpers

Now you can crimp any crimp bead of “medium” size -2mm – 3mm- and various shapes – quick and easy! The Dual EuroCrimper has two cavities perfect for round tube and combination crimps of varying sizes. The ergonomic handles give you a great grip too because they are made from sanoprene and have an excellent surface tack. EuroCrimper jaws are precision machined for years of service and beautiful results every time.


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EuroCrimper is a patented design ensuring that you get smooth rounded crimps each and every time all while enjoying maximum comfort and leverage. These crimping pliers come with instructions so you're guaranteed a perfect crimp each time.

EuroCrimpers are the perfect crimping companion. If you have beads to crimp, then look no further. However, if you need crimping beads to crimp, then look here. You may need stringing wire to go with your crimping beads and crimper, so visit here to see our wide selection of beading wire.

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