Diamond and Stone Setting

Stone setting is putting the color and fire of a stone into gleaming metal, stones are set to last a lifetime without glue or adhesives. Bezel settings for smooth cabochons require a bit of metal to bend over the stone and you’ll want a burnisher or two to get into any tight spots. Prong setting requires a steady hand as prongs must be pushed into place neatly over the edges of the faceted stone. Prong pushers fit right on the ends of prongs and allow good grip and pushing surface.


Understanding the process is important before jumping into stone setting. Whether diamonds or simple cabs for practice, setting starts with a piece of jewelry that is nearly complete. In the Ask an Expert pages is a handy guide to getting ready for stone setting.

Stone setting with prongs or bezels is just the beginning! Using GRS systems bead setting, and pave` setting are with the reach of all metalsmiths.

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