Casting Wax Injectors

Here you'll find StarWax's wonderful line of digital wax injectors. Wax injectors were designed to inject melted wax into a rubber or metal wax mold. Both of these injectors come with a hand pump for self-contained air pressure unit. The wax container is made from aluminum so it will obtain an even diffusion of heat. The StarWax 30 has a digital thermostat and is sturdy enough for production use. We know you'll love using StarWax Digital Injectors.

Digital wax injectors are helpful for every lost wax jewelry artist. These will make all of your casting go a lot faster and smoother. The StarWax 15 is a medium sized injector with a 1.5 quart capacity with 300 watts of power. The StarWax 30 holds up to 3 quarts of wax with 350 watts of power. Both will provide you years of quality work. You're sure to love your new StarWax injector and everything you create with it.

Once you've completed the casting process you'll need dependable tools to carve out and define your jewelry. We have a wonderful selection of wax carvers and wax files. Don't forget our large line of injection waxes. When you need inspiration, or if you're looking for a project to try out, be sure to check out the book Lost Wax Casting. It explains lost wax casting, and why lost wax uses the techniques it does. They also give you some awesome designs to try out!

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