Loupe Chains

Loupes are a necessity for those in the watch making field, those who work with gemstones and diamonds, or just small pieces like beads and wire. As convenient as loupes are they seem to always get set down out of reach or in a really inconvenient place. How do you solve this issue? Pick up one of our loupe chains or ropes. Simply attach one to your loupe, wear it like a necklace and always have your loupe close at hand.

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We have the perfect loupe chain for you right here. We carry gold snake chain for loupes, silver snake chain for loupes, nylon rope and black nylon rope for loupes. These chains and ropes will make your jewelry hobby easier and more organized. You won't waste time ever again looking around for your loupe because you'll be wearing it like a necklace.

If you can't see what you're doing, then making jewelry is that much more difficult. After you've added what you need here into your shopping cart, head over to our optical page to see all the visual enhancements we have to offer. You may have picked up a loupe chain, but do you have a loupe? Prefer to have hands free magnification? Check out our line of Optivisors. We're here to help and want to see you succeed. Jewelry Tools has everything you need for your jewelry making.

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