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Here we place our odds and ends for filing. Files are important for jewelry making. They are very versatile and have many uses. If you use files in your jewelry work, then you'll definitely require a file cleaner. File cleaners keep your files in tip top shape and always ready for the next project. Our file cleaner is high quality and will give you years of quality service. Pick one, or more, up today. We know you'll be more than satisfied.
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Our file cleaner gets rid of small particles that can clog teeth and reduce the file’s ability to cut. This file cleaner is made from steel wire bristles that are set in a hardwood handle. You can use one of the many cleaners we have on this site along with the file cleaner. File cleaners are a necessity for every jewelry tool box if you use files in your creations. Whatever you need to make your jewelry a success, we have it here at Jewelry Tools.

Not finding exactly what you're looking for here? Check out all of our files and file accessories. When you need to clean your tools, head over to our cleaning section and pick up a cleaner. We have a great selection of biodegradable cleaners, too! If you need any other tools, like pliers and cutters, we have you covered. Don't forget, safety first! Pick up a pair of safety glasses while you're here. No work bench is complete without them.

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