Tucson 2012 Instructor Information

Tucson 2012 Classes sponsored by JewelryTools.com

A note from Dale "Cougar" Armstrong, Classes Coordinator for JewelryTools.com and Education Consultant for Wire-Sculpture.com

Thank you for your interest in teaching in Tucson for Wire-Sculpture and our sister site, JewelryTools.com!

JewelryTools is happy to sponsor these classes this year. Our venue is turning out to be the largest class venue in Tucson this year. We will be offering up to 150 different classes over the 16 days of the Tucson Electric Park show, January 28th - February 12th. If you are interested in teaching with us, here are all of the details.


Our classes will be held at Tucson Electric Park (TEP) in 1 or 2 large tents with custom-made plywood flooring. Depending on the weather, we will be able to leave some of the sides down for air circulation and for natural lighting, adding to the low-heat electric lights that will be over every area.

Tables, chairs, and trash cans will be provided. If needed, box fans or electric heaters will be brought in. Power strips will also be provided for those students who bring their own lights. Each tent will be set up to accommodate up to 6 class areas, depending on the scheduled class. We can move the setup around as we need to.

Instructor information:

We are trying to keep things as simple for our instructors as possible. As those of us who have taught in Tucson already know, we can expect a lot of "walk-in" students while classes are being promoted in the JewelryTools.com tent next to our teaching area, and from fliers that will be distributed around Tucson during the shows, etc.

The preregistration is only an idea of how many students you will have in each class. If you do not have students scheduled and prepaid for a particular class, we do ask that you show up on time anyhow, and spend a couple of hours demonstrating tools in the JewelryTools/Wire-Sculpture tent, during which time you will also be promoting your and the rest of our classes. You will be compensated for your demo time with a Gift Certificate to JewelryTools.com (amount TBD).


The registration links on this page will take you to the online form for you to fill out with the following information:

  • Your contact information and a good phone number to reach you in Tucson
  • Your brief biography and a headshot
  • Which dates you will be available to teach, between January 28th and February 12th, 2012.

After you fill out your Instructor Registration, you'll have the chance to submit information about each class you are willing to teach. We are interested in:

  • A description of your class, containing what the student will be learning
  • A good photo of the finished project
  • A brief description of what is in the kit that students are required to purchase with the class, and your kit fee
  • Your list of tools needed from JewelryTools.com (see "Tools" below)

Please, all images submitted should be at least 3 inches x 3 inches at 300dpi.

All students should leave with written follow-up directions for the class they attended. All students will be required to purchase a kit that you provide, for each class.

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for JewelryTools' 2012 Tucson Classes!

To make it easier to purchase supplies at decent prices, I have been authorized to offer each of you a complimentary Gold Club membership to the Wire-Sculpture site. (The Gold Club link is to show you the benefits, just scroll down, it has no expiration!) It doesn't matter how much you spend, this membership automatically gives you a 25% discount on all of the tools and supplies on the Wire-Sculpture site! You can contact classes@jewelrytools.com to be set up with Gold Club membership.

Payment and Registration:

You will be able to choose either a 3-4 hour class, for which you will be paid $50 plus your required kit fee for each attending student; or a 6-7 hour class for which you will be paid $75 plus your required kit fee for each attending student. Online registration through JewelryTools.com will be limited to 10 students per class, if we have large requests - other arrangements will be made as necessary.

JewelryTools will set up a page with our class schedules, info, and prices, and they will take care of all online registration, including collecting both the class fees and your required kit fees. They will also handle all class finances for any additional students who sign up during the show.

The only cost to you will be a 10% fee for each kit purchase which will help cover the costs involved in bookkeeping and taking payments for all the kits. (Example: if your kit is $50, JewelryTools will deduct $5.00 and you will get $45 for your kit.) All checks will be issued and mailed on Friday, February 17.


The sister site of WS is JewelryTools, who is helping to sponsor our classes. As such, JewelryTools would like to provide ALL of the tools needed by you and your students for use in your TEP classes! When you have time, please browse the site and make a list of the item numbers that you and your students could use in your classes. From pliers to kilns, torches and bench blocks, they also have about 500 more items that are not online yet, so if you do not see what you need, please ask! In a month or so, I will be asking for your tools list.

Of course, as experienced instructors we all have our favorite tools and I encourage you to bring those you are familiar with for yourself. However, if you are flying, arranging tools in advance with JewelryTools is a great way to go!


  • Yes, you are allowed to bring and sell your own additional kits and books you have authored.
  • No, you are not allowed to sell any additional tools or supplies in classes.
  • Yes, we are open to constructive suggestions. You can contact us at classes@jewelrytools.com with your suggestions.


JewelryTools.com will be promoting our classes via purchasing major advertising, both on the Internet as well as in Tucson show publications and guides. After we have all of the necessary information online, it will benefit all of us if you will help to promote all of our classes in any way you can through blogs, newsletters, Facebook, etc.

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for JewelryTools' 2012 Tucson Classes!

We look forward to seeing you there!
Dale "Cougar" Armstrong
Classes Coordinator, JewelryTools.com & Education Consultant, Wire-Sculpture.com