2/6/2020 10:30am-6pm Janet Alexander Beginning Soldering Argentium V Ring With Granulation

Total Price (including kit fee): $169.00
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Description: Create your own one of a kind ring adding texture to the band and granulation decorations on the band's ends that sets off the center cabochon stone! In this class you learn how to make find the exact length needed for a specific size ring, make your own granulation balls, work with Argentium silver, and make a cabochon setting. Additionally, learn about soldering, why there are different solders and when to use them, how to fuse, the difference between fusing and soldering. Learn about Argentium silver and how it's different from regular sterling silver. Janet shares her 45+ years knowledge in metalsmithing and gives tips on making it easier to do.

Skills and knowledge learned in this class:

• Making granulation balls
• Fusing Argentium silver
• Soldering Argentium silver
• The differences between sterling silver and Argentium silver
• Making your own ring template for odd shaped rings
• Using math to find the correct ring shank length
• Creating a cabochon setting
• Setting a cabochon stone
• Tips for quick polishing

Kit Includes:

Sterling silver 20 gauge sheet (1’ x 1’), Argentium round wire 22 gauge (1” long), Argentium 20 gauge sheet ¾” x 2.5” (good for rings up to size 8), small container for granulation, green flux, Paper towels, file folder paper (some for template and for under stone), rubbing alcohol, 320 grit sandpaper, dental floss, double sided tape, Argentium and silver solder, fuel, pickle, 400 and 600 grit sandpaper, baking soda, and printed handout for making the project, printed handout for soldering, printed handout on Argentium Silver.

Students should bring the following tools:

Ruler, fine tipped tweezers, fine tipped craft brush, Oval or Marque shaped cabochon stone (no bigger than 15mm x 10mm), craft knife, Barrett file #4 (fine cut), jeweler’s saw, #04 blades, needle nose pliers, flush cut wire cutters, and a fine tipped permanent marker.

Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

Texture hammer, clamp, granulation setup, water color dishes, half round files, mesh net for water bowl, calipers, hammer piece, tongue depressors, fender washers, regular scissors, Joyce Chen scissors, ring gauges, hot plates, burnishers, ring mandrels, charcoal blocks, EZ torch and fuel tank, bench blocks, chasing hammer, other hammers, water bowl for making granulation, mallets, calculator, plastic ring bending pliers, 3-m wheels, flush cut wire cutters, soldering stations, pickle, pickle pot, water bowl, baking soda bowl, copper tongs, rinse bowls, fire bricks, bench pin, C clamps, flex shafts, key, pumice wheel, and extension cords.

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