When you're in the market for jewelry files you want to find the best the world has to offer. You want to find ones made with the highest quality materials possible at the best prices around. That's where Jewelry Tools comes in. When you're looking for rotary files, diamond files, individual or needle file sets, or even just an organizer to keep your files in order, you don't want to waste time searching different sites. We have it all right here and at great prices!


Jewelry Tools has canvas and wooden organizers to ensure you find the exact type of file you're looking for in the middle of a project. You donít want to stop because it's mixed in a drawer with other tools, right? Our selection of rotary files is second to none. If you love to make rings then you'll definitely want an inside ring bur to ensure your finished product doesn't have any pieces that can scratch or poke your customer.

Filing jewelry always leaves a bit of dust and other messes behind. Be sure and check out our cleaning section and see what we have to offer to help polish up your project, or to simply clean up your work area. If you're interested in a mat to work on, we'd like to suggest the anti-static mat. This is a nice green color which is easy on the eyes and gives you a nice level surface to work on. Most important, safety first! Please be sure to pick up a pair of safety glasses if you don't already have a pair.

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