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Choosing a Torch

Don't be afraid of fire when it's safely in your hand. A jewelry making torch is safe to use with the proper safety precautions. Pick a torch that best fits your current needs, knowing that over time you may outgrow it and need a larger or more adjustable torch.

Several of the most popular and approachable torches use butane gas. Butane refills are readily available; hardware stores or drug stores often carry them.

Watch as Kate Richbourg teaches us about using Butane Torches

Micro Flame Butane Torch:

The Micro Flame torch is a great beginners torch. It is light weight and the adjustable flame reaches 2450F with a full tank burn for 90 minutes. Use for smaller soldering jobs, firing metal clay, or fusing.

Micro-Flame Butane Torch||SOL-300.00

Micro-Flame Butane Torch

Our top-quality Micro-Flame butane torch is 6" tall, features electronic ignition (no lighter necessary) a maximum temperature of 2450 degrees Fahrenheit and a 90 minute burn. Easy-adjust feature assures the right flame for any job with precision accuracy. Butane NOT included.

Max Flame and Jumbo Max Flame Torch:

Max and Jumbo Max torches give a larger adjustable flame, up to 2450F. These torches are excellent to solder larger jewelry pieces, anneal metal, and use for torch enameling. The main difference is the gas tank size; the Jumbo Max has a larger tank.

Our Max Flame butane torches feature a large flame nozzle which is helpful for many projects. Features include adjustable flame, quick refill design, safety lock, ergo design, electronic ignition and a maximum temperature of 2450 degrees Fahrenheit. Butane NOT included


Our Max Flame butane torch features a large flame nozzle which is desirable for many applications. Features include: adjustable flame, quick refill design, safety lock, ergo design, electronic ignition and a maximum temperature of 2450 degrees Fahrenheit. This 7-1/4" tall jumbo model offers a longer burn time. Butane NOT included.

Handy Flame Butane Torch:

The Handy Flame torch is truly a step up for working with larger pieces and not having to stop for gas! The torch top attaches to a readily available butane canister (used for portable gas burners.) The flame size is comparable to the Max Flame or Jumbo Max torch.

One-touch ignition multi-purpose butane torch head attaches directly to fuel canister so you can start working immediately. Adjustable flame control up to 2,375 degrees F. Lightweight, compact design attaches easily to a butane canister with a simple push and twist motion. Uses 8 ounce butane canister (not included).

Handy Flame II Propane Torch:

Here is a torch with more power, but less control. It's not as handy for soldering, but great for annealing and melting metals for casting. Attaches directly to a portable propane or MAPP gas tank.

All-in-one; no assembly required. For use with Propane or MAPP disposable fuel tanks. Automatic one-touch ignition. Efficient swirl flam for maximum heat output. Comfort ergonomic grip. 5 ft hose (1.5 meters); all brass components. Best value of any propane torch on the the market!

Gentec Portable Small Torch Oxy/ Propane Kit:

When you have outgrown all the single gas torches the next step is mixed gas and oxygen. A gas mix allows for a hotter flame, with adjustable torch tips. This gives a superior combination of heat and control. The Gentec Portable Small Torch Oxy/ Propane is set-up to use common small oxygen and propane tanks, and comes with the #4 tip.

Convenient portable kit for use with disposable tanks. Flame temperature can reach 6000degrees F. Comes complete with:

  • Torch handle
  • #4 Tip
  • 6 Hoses
  • Preset regulators for propane and oxygen
  • Wire tank holder



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