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Looking for a good pair of wire cutters? We have more than 100 different pairs for you to choose from. A solid pair of cutters is necessary for most jewelry artists. Cutters are required for cutting wire, sheet metal, sprues, jump rings and much more. We have larger cutters and smaller tipped ones for those harder to reach places. No matter what you need cutters for, we know you'll find the perfect pair right here.

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Need to cut a sprue as close as possible? Try out our end cutters. These allow you to get a flush end cut. Most of our cutters and nippers are flat on one side so that your cuts will be flat and you'll be able to get your cut as close as possible. We carry a few great pairs of ring shank cutters. These are made to conform to most rings and will allow you to get a clean, close, right angle cut so both sides can be rejoined. These are just a few examples of the many cutters we offer. Pick out the best pair, or two, for you today!

Here at Jewelry Tools we carry many different types of pliers and cutters for your convenience. We carry a wide selection of wire for all of you wire wrap artists. Don't forget to check out our bench tools. We have a great inventory to complete your work bench that you'll find incredibly helpful. Everyone needs a good pair of safety glasses, so pick up a pair today. Need to keep your tools and supplies better organized? Head over and see all of our organizers and storage options. Whatever you need to be a successful jewelry artist, you'll find it at Jewelry Tools.

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