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Whaley Sliding Hammer

Product ID: HAM-101.00
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ATTENTION METALSMITHS… Need to move metal in a very careful and precise way? Now it’s easier with the NEW Whaley Sliding Hammer. This revolutionary tool has a slender, hollow hammer head which holds a long punch that slides back and forth within the hammer head. Great for stone setting, channel setting, riveting, repoussé, texturing, chasing and more.

  • Patent Pending.
  • Punch stays aligned within the hammer body which means each hammer strike is perfectly aligned for the next blow. No more guess work!
  • Hammer force whether it’s gentle or extremely forceful can be felt and controlled by the hand.
  • Can be used in any position-punches rotate and head swivels with ease. Includes 3 hardened stainless steel punches. Handle made of finished rosewood.

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