1/31/2019 10:30am-6pm Janet Alexander Colorful Flower Pendant Using Prisma Color Pencils On Copper

Total Price (including kit fee): $169.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$50.00)


Prerequisites: Must have experience using a torch and able to saw metal accurately.

Description: Create your own colorful flower creation by applying layers of colors to a copper form using Prismacolor colored pencils making it uniquely yours. In this intermediate class learn how to Air Chase copper making it into a two dimensional form, so that it pops out away from the sterling silver base. Discover how to fuse components to Argentium silver and create a striking background for your design with texture and decorative elements. You will also learn how to create oval jump rings, soldering techniques and tricks for working with Argentium Silver, and riveting using wire with balled ends. Additionally, Janet shares her tips and tricks from her 40+ years of metalsmithing. Skills learned in this class:

  • Air Chasing
  • Using a dapping block
  • Fusing wire to argentium silver
  • Soldering argentium silver
  • Forging wire
  • Making a balled rivet from common wire
  • Using an engraving tool to sign your work
  • Working with Prisma Color pencils creating color on metal

    Kit Includes:

    2" x 2" Copper sheet (24 gauge), 3/4" x 3/4" copper sheet (24 gauge), 2" x 2"argentium sheet (22 gauge), 3"argentium round wire (22 gauge), 2" round argentium wire (12 gauge), 1" (18 gauge) round argentium wire, 5" (26 gauge) argentium round wire. 4" (20 gauge) argentium round wire, yellow bead and printed handout.

    Instructor will provide the following supplies for use in class:

    Fiber wheel, 0000 steel wool, craft brushes, gesso, masking tape, turpentine, paper towels, workable fixative, final fixative, newspaper, rubber cement, carbon paper, mask, flux, silver paste solder, clear tape, tracing paper, 400 grit sandpaper, course fiber wheel, medium fiber wheel, pickle, torch fuel, paper towels, Black Max.

    Students should bring the following tools:

    Prisma Color Premier Pencil set, regular pencil, fine tipped Round nose pliers, lightweight chasing hammer, saw frame and #4 saw blades, fine tipped permanent marker, fine barrette file, and flush cutters.

    Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

    Third hands with tweezers, pencil sharpener, cup of water for Gesso, container for turpentine, chasing hammers, dapping block and daps, chasing tools, dowel rods, Dremel engraving tool, toaster oven, grinding wheel for flex shaft, bench vise, cup burs for 18 gauge wire, punch, #60 and #57 drill bits, small polishing motor and steel brush, safety glasses, wood block for drilling, drill press, drill bit gauge, black Sharpie Marker, bench pins and clamps, dapping tools, sand bags, ball-peen hammers, solder picks, copper tongs, tweezers, flux brushes, water bowl, table protection, Wubbers oval pliers small and medium size, kiln bricks, torches, nets for pickle, extra files, containers for flux, charcoal blocks, soldering stations, steel brushes, flex shafts, keys, flex shaft hangers, pickle pot, cup warmers, fine tweezers, bench blocks, plastic mallets, brush for Black Max, extension cords, extra supplies and tools for late registrants to use during class.