2/9/2019 10:30am-6pm Janet Alexander Adjustable Bracelet

Total Price (including kit fee): $169.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$45.00)


Prerequisites: Must know how to solder and saw.

Description: Create this delicate bar bracelet with an adjustable slide clasp. Choose one of three styles, double bar, double bar with dots, or double bar with twisted wire. You supply the stone. Learn how to make your own twisted decorative wire, advanced soldering skills that will help you work faster including pick soldering, soldering chain, sweat soldering, soldering using a third hand, and soldering using your own steady hand. Add your own decorative ends to the chain making your own one of a kind keepsake bracelet. Skills learned in this class:

  • Construction techniques
  • Sweat soldering
  • Combating Fire Scale on Sterling Silver
  • Advanced soldering skills, free hand soldering
  • Soldering chain ends to objects
  • Making a cabochon setting
  • Setting a stone with tips or corners
  • Polishing metal to a high shine using a converted grinder
  • Using a hammer piece to set a stone
  • Making balls using Argentium silver
  • Adding decorative wire

    Kit Includes:

    Sterling silver double half-round wire (5mm x 1.25mmx 47mm long), fine silver bezel wire, sterling silver half round wire (5mm x 1.25mm x 14mm long), 16 gauge Argentium wire (1 ½") 1.8mm round box chain (9.5"), half bead wire 47mm long, 26 gauge round sterling silver wire (12"), small 24 gauge 2.4mm round jump rings (2), 15mm x 15mm 22 gauge sterling silver sheet, slider clasp, double sided tape, dental floss, file folder paper, 400 and 600 grit sandpaper, baking soda, silver solder, flux, Stop OX II, polish compounds, and printed handout.

    Students should bring the following tools:

    Cabochon stone any shape smaller than 14 x14 (if you want to learn how to set a stone with corners or a tip bring one), ruler with millimeter measurements, 4" dividers, flush cutters, Barrett file #4 (fine cut), jeweler's saw, #04 blades, 2ea.needle nose pliers, flush cut wire cutters, fine tipped permanent marker, optional battery powered work light.

    Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

    Joyce Chen scissors, hammer piece, square, engraver, rulers, spray bottles for Stop Ox, flex shaft handle to fit hammer piece, needle, annealed wire, ball burs, soft Solderite board, T-pins, self-locking tweezers with curved tips, square, scribe, flush cut wire cutters, bench vise, nail, washer, buffing machine, tongue depressors, steel shot, tumbler, soap, strainer, towel, square ruler, soldering stations, third hands, pickle, pickle pot, annealed wire, copper tongs, rinse bowls, fire bricks, small punch, fire brick, screen, bench pin, C clamp, flex shafts, key, engraver, bracelet pliers, pumice wheel, sanding drums, bobbing compound, bobbing buff, wood buff, Fabuluster, buff for Fabuluster, small felt buff for flex shaft, wax cleaner, Dawn soap, and extension cords, extra supplies and tools for late registrants to use during class.

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