2/8/2019 10:30am-6pm Kim St. Jean Just Face It - Discover Casting with Pewter

2/8/2019 10:30am-6pm Kim St. Jean Just Face It - Discover Casting with Pewter
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Total Price (including kit fee): $169.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$45.00)


Description: In this class you will learn how to cast pewter in casting sand through brass bezels to create this awesome bracelet. Pewter is such an under appreciated metal, its super easy to work with, inexpensive, doesn't tarnish and no one is allergic to it. Come join me and learn just how versatile this metal actually is.

Kit Includes:

¼” x 3” 24g red brass strips: one for each bezel.
Small 4”x4”ish cookie tin filled with at least 1½”casting sand. (1 lb Casting Sand recommended)
Lead free pewter, also known as Britannia Pewter
Medium and easy paste solder
16 Gauge, 8mm (Inner Diameter) ID Round Red Brass Jump Rings (10 of them),
16 Gauge, 4mm ID (Inner Diameter) Round Red Brass Jump Rings (20 of them)
2 ½” inches of 14g brass wire or pre-made s-hook: I will be using the medium wrap-n-tap to make the s-hook.

Students should bring the following tools:

Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class (Streaming students will want to have these tools available) :

work surface,
metal spoon,
small cookie tin,
zip lock bag,
insulated tweezers,
soldering board,
Butane torch,
soldering pick,
quench water,
Novacan Black for patina,
round nose pliers,
chain nose pliers,
wire flush cutters,
medium wrap-n-tap,
Lindstrom shears,
red and white shears,
rubber mat,
mill bastard file,
0000 steel wool,
gray fiber wheel on bench lathe,
Stainless Steel ladle,
Various small faces, cabochons, beads, dolls etc., to use as impressions into the sand. (I could probably supply a small quantity of these for a fee)
Low temperature gel flux,
Flux brush,
Hard wire brush to remove sand from cast pieces,
Water bowl,
Protective heat resistant surface to place hot ladle on (cookie sheet or rubber mat),
Hammer for pounding in sand,
Something sticky like museum wax to remove the face from the sand to make impression. I’ve used silly puddy
Hydrogen Peroxide