2/7/2019 10:30am-6pm Janet Alexander Gypsy Setting Earrings With High Polish Shine

Total Price (including kit fee): $169.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$35.00)


Prerequisites Intermediate Class: Must know how to solder and be able to see well and have good eye hand coordination.

Description: Gypsy setting, also known as flush setting, gives a contemporary look to any jewelry piece. The stones are set smoothly into the metal with no prongs or bezel settings. Learn the skills for accurately laying out your settings, drill and Gypsy set four stones in two earrings. This type of setting makes the stones look like they are floating in the metal! We will be setting a total of four stones so that you have plenty of practice to go home and set stones on your own. Most classes don't have time to teach polishing skills, but in this class we will concentrate on giving sterling silver a high mirror shine. Learn about the different polishing buffs and rubber wheels, sanding sticks, and polishes. Learn the difference between bobbing, Tripoli, and rouge polishes. How the color of the polish affects the metal's shine. Learn the proper way of sanding so you quickly wipe out scratches. Get to understand the different rubber wheels used on a flex shaft. Additionally, learn how to make your own buffing machine for less than $75. Skills/Knowledge learned in this class:

  • Learn the parts to a faceted stone
  • Inspecting stones for setting, problems to look for
  • Gypsy (Flush) stone setting
  • Layout skills for setting stones
  • Using calipers for precise layouts in stone setting
  • The steps to polishing to a high shine and the different polishes
  • Advanced soldering skills, pick soldering and quickly soldering a wire in place without a third hand
  • Making same size silver ball accents
  • All about Fire Scale in Sterling Silver and ways to prevent it

    Kit Includes:

    Materials: Four inches of 20 gauge round sterling silver wire, one inch of 20 gauge round Argentium silver wire, 2 ea. 22mm long - half round sterling silver wire (5.84 x 1.78mm #100704), wax stick, tiny burnisher, 600 grit sandpaper, 400 grit sandpaper, tongue depressor, hard and easy silver solder, pickle, Ox Off, torch fuel, bobbing compound, rouge, polish soap, and printed handout.

    Students should bring the following tools:

    Four each 2.5mm round cubic zirconia stones, Optivisor or magnifiers, electronic calipers, 3" dividers, steel ruler (6"), half round file (at least ¾" wide) #4, flat file (at least ¾" wide) #4, tooth brush, saw frame, #4 saw blades, needle nose pliers, rawhide mallet, small punch, steel scribe, black permanent marker, flush cutters, optional battery powered task light.

    Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

    Bench pin, clamp, wood blocks, drill bits: 64,61, 55, 50, 52,47, bud bur 2.4, bud bur 2.3mm and a stone setting bur 2.5mm, small burnisher with round tips, rawhide mallet, small punch, wax, engraver, abrasive wheels, bench blocks, alcohol, cup bur for the earring wires, Polishing wheels and polisher, soft brush for cleaning, bucket of water for cleaning, C-clamp to hold polisher, drill press and flex shaft handle, flex shaft that matches the handle, parallel pliers, flat nose pliers, third hands with tweezers, solder picks, copper tongs, tweezers, flux brushes, water bowl, table protection, Wubbers™ large bail pliers, kiln bricks, torches, nets for pickle, extra files, containers for flux, , soldering stations, flex shafts, keys, flex shaft hangers, pickle pot, extension cords, extra supplies and tools for late registrants to use during class.

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