2/6/2019 2:30pm-6pm Helen Driggs Color On Metal For Jewelry

2/6/2019 2:30pm-6pm Helen Driggs Color On Metal For Jewelry
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Total Price (including kit fee): $119.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$28.00)


Learn how to add vibrant color to your jewelry metal! We will begin with metal preparation techniques and then we'll use colored pencils and pastels to create rich layered color on copper or brass to create an easy pair of earrings in class.

Kit Includes:

Prepared Sheet Metal and Blanks, Beads, Head Pins, Ear wires

It is suggested that Students bring the following tools (instructor will have a few extra tools on hand to borrow if needed):

Hole Punch or Drill and #54 Drill bit, Bench Pin, Jeweler's saw frame and 3/0 blades or Metal Snips, Round nose pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Flat nose Pliers, Wire cutters, Sanding sticks, Sharpie, Prismacolor Brand Pencils

Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

Flex Shaft Drill and #54 Drill bit or a Hole Punch, Metal Snips, Sanding sticks, Sharpies, Stencils, Prismacolor Pencils if you have them, Scrap paper, Fixative, Metal prep chemicals, Abrasive Papers, Alcohol wipes