2/5/2019 2:30pm-6pm Janet Alexander Copper And Brass Patina Bracelet

Total Price (including kit fee): $119.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$30.00)


Choose from a variety of textured brass or copper wire and then solder it onto your copper piece. Decide the width of your bracelet cut the shape and then bend it into shape. The fun now starts as you choose the color you want your bracelet. Techniques learned in class includes Sawing metal Using a butane torch Sweat soldering Filing techniques Annealing metal Patina with liver of sulfur Patina with other colorful patinas Sealing the patina Bending metal around a bracelet mandrel Finishing techniques

Kit Includes:

Includes: 7" brass or copper textured wire, copper for bracelet, liver of sulfur, other patina solutions, latex gloves, plastic apron, wax, polish cloth, paper towels, sand paper, fuel, silver solder, #04 saw blades, and instructions.

Students should bring the following tools:

Permanent marker, metal shears, jewelers' saw frame, jewelers', flat file, rawhide mallet, and safety glasses.

Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

Solder stations, oval templates, solder shears, self-locking tweezers, solder picks, water bowl, pickle pot, craft brushes for flux, copper tongs, flex shafts, flex shaft keys, torches, fuel, plastic mallets, metal shears, bench pins, clamps, bracelet mandrel, bending pliers, files, hot plates, brushes for patinas, patinas, liver of sulfur, bowl for LOS, table protection, trash bags, duct tape, extension cords, and burn cream

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