2/5/2019 10:30am-2pm Janet Alexander Quick Faux Chasing Repousse Pendant

Total Price (including kit fee): $119.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$30.00)


This beginner class introduces the same techniques used in chasing repousse but on a smaller level without the pitch, and hammering. You learn how to work the metal from both sides making it a 2D raised design. Then you attach your creation to hammered brass with rivets made from copper wire. The outside shape is cut with metal shears and the holes in the top are sawed out using a jeweler's saw.

  • Riveting using wire
  • Scribing a design onto copper foil
  • Pushing foil outward and inward making a raised detail design
  • Sawing piercing metal
  • Drilling metal and piercing metal
  • Texturing with a hammer
  • Annealing brass
  • Using a torch
  • Finishing metal using a rotary tool

    Kit Includes:

    2" x 2" copper foil, 1ea. brass sheet 2" x 2", 18 g. round copper wire, Design template, Embossing tool set, Dental tool with point, hard surface pad, fiber wheel, liver of sulfur, wood filler, tape, saw blades, pickling solution, torch fuel, Popsicle stick, printed handout.

    Students should bring the following tools:

    Jewelers saw frame, Fine point ink pen, Fine tip permanent marker, Needle file set, Mouse pad, Flush cut wire cutters, Ball peen hammer or chasing hammer, bench block, needle nose pliers, and flat nose pliers. Optional Eye magnification

    Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

    Mm gauge, metal shears, scissors, water bowls, torches, wide flat file, bench pin, clamp flex shafts, key, small punches, hot plate, drill press, flex shaft for drill press, spatulas, drill bit for 18 gauge wire, pickle pot, coppery tongs, wood blocks, hammers, mallets, solder stations, Shape templates,

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