2/4/2020 2:30pm-6pm Janet Alexander Gypsy Setting Bracelet

Total Price (including kit fee): $119.00
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Create this contemporary bracelet with two gypsy settings (also known as flush mount setting). Flush mount settings have no prongs they are set into the metal with the top of the stone even with the metal’s surface making a smooth transition from stone to metal. This is a short class teaching the skills for setting two to three stones.

Skills learned in this class:

•Gypsy setting skills
•The parts of a faceted stone
•Polishing metal to a high shine, what type of buff to use
•Using wire for a bracelet
•Layout techniques

Kit Includes:

Sterling silver low dome wire (6" long), wax stick, 400 and 600 grit sandpaper, Stop Ox, polish compounds, medium texture buff, and printed handout.

Students should bring the following tools:

Student Should Bring Two or three, 2.5mm round CZ stones, fine tipped tweezers, 4” dividers, Barrett file #4 (fine cut), jeweler’s saw, #04 blades, fine tipped permanent marker, Optivisor or eye magnification, optional battery powered work light.

Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

Ball pusher, Square, rulers, ball burs, stone setting burs, Solderite board, buffing machine, pickle, pickle pot, copper tongs, rinse bowls, fire bricks, small punch, fire brick, bench pins, C clamp, flex shafts, key, bracelet pliers, bracelet mandrel, oval templates for cutting bracelet ends, wood for holding bracelets while drilling, leather, pumice wheel, sanding drums, bobbing compound, bobbing buff, Fabuluster, buff for Fabuluster, Awesome Orange, small felt buff for flex shaft, wax cleaner, engraver, Dawn soap, and extension cords.

Streaming Note: This class will be live streamed for remote students to be able to watch the instructor from home. We will have a release form for you to sign the day of the class and in exchange for the release we will grant you replay access to the class for you to watch from home if you want to review something from class. If you have participated as a live student in a streaming class before, we have changed our setup to be much less interfering with the live class but still gives great access to our students that can't make it to Tucson.

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