2/4/2019 10:30am-6pm Kim St. Jean Cuttlefish Castin

2/4/2019 10:30am-6pm Kim St. Jean Cuttlefish Castin
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Total Price (including kit fee): $169.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$100.00)


In this class you will learn how to carve and cast sterling silver into cuttlefish bone to create a beautiful sterling silver and stone ring. Some soldering experience is a plus.

Kit Includes:

sterling silver casting grains, sterling silver ring shank, sterling silver wire for prongs, small cabochon, cuttlefish, binding wire, hand outs, use of all consumable

Students should bring the following tools:

The instructor will provide all tools, equipment and consumables needed to participate in this class.

Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

Carving tools, saw frames, saw blades, solder, soldering boards, soldering picks, cross locking tweezers, large wrap-n-taps, ring mandrel, raw hide hammers, metal sheers, pliers, work surface, pumice pans, buffing machine, rotary tools, rotary attachments, crock pot/pickle, quench bowels, templates, magnetic tumbler, files, and more

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