2/2/2019 10:30am-6pm Kim St. Jean Cuttlefish Casting Bracelet

Total Price (including kit fee): $169.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$150.00)


In this class you will learn how to carve and cast sterling silver into cuttlefish to create this beautiful bracelet. After you have cast your cuttlefish base, you will then attach a toggle loop and make a jumpring chain with toggle bar attached. A faceted stone will be added to your bracelet if time permits. .

Kit Includes:

Cuttlefish for carving, sterling silver casting grains, square stering silver jumprings, sterling silver round wire, square stering silver wire, faceted semi pricious gem stone, hand outs, all consumables needed to complete the project

Students should bring the following tools:

The instructor will provide all tools needed to complete this project.

Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

Pumic pans, saws, bench pins, c-clamps, work surfaces, torches, soldering boards, soldering picks, cross locking tweezers, quench bowels, crock pot/pickle, paper towels, buffing machine, rotary tools and attachments, pliers, wrap-n-taps, metal shears, saw blades, bees wax, sand paper, files, carving tools, binding wire, fuel, drill press, drill bits, liver of sulfur, 0000 steel wool, magnetic tumbler

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