If you're going to cut gold, silver, or other metals then you'll need a good saw and sawblades. Our sawblades and sawframes are made from the highest quality materials so that you have more cuts and spend less time changing blades. Better quality also means less dulling and truer cutting. Antilope, Relentless, and Crocodile sawblades are just a few of the great brands we have to offer.


Most of our blades come in sizes 0 through 8, and we have a wide variety of sawframes. Be sure to check out our mitre saw set, too. Saws are useful in a variety of jewelry mediums. You can use them to cut metal, clay, jump rings, and more. Whatever your sawing needs, we have you covered!

When sawing with diamond instruments, or sawing through metals, you want to use a bit of lubricant to extend the life of your sawblades. We recommend using Cut Lube, which comes in a 2 ounce stick form for easy application. As always, make sure you're being safe! We have safety glasses and gloves to complete your jewelry work bench.

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