2/3/2018 2:30pm-6:00pm Meredith Arnold Discovering The Flex Shaft

Total Price (including kit fee): $119.00
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This informative class is an exploration of what a flex shaft tool can do for you. Jewelry making takes less time, is easier on your hands and even more fun once you know what all those attachments are for and how to easily use this tool. Explore texturing metal, options for polishing, cutting, quick filing, easy maintenance and more! They should rename this tool to "The Short Cut" since it has so much to offer.

Basic $25.00 kit will include: Miscellaneous rotary tools for use with the Flex Shaft.

JewelryTools.com will supply: Flexshafts and hangers for use during class (if an upgraded kit is not purchased) Please note that JewelryTools.com is offering 2 upgraded kits that include the “Basic Kit” plus the purchase of either at Flex Shaft and Hanger ($123.00) or an ECO 450 MICRO MOTOR SYSTEM ($313.00). This includes a 20% discount off the retail price. The tools will be available for use during the class and for you to take home with you at the end of class.

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