2/1/2018 2:30pm-6:00pm Donna Lewis Jumpin' Cholla!!!

2/1/2018 2:30pm-6:00pm Donna Lewis Jumpin' Cholla!!!
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Total Price (including kit fee): $119.00
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Class Supply Kit (+$54.00)


Love our cactus when you come to Arizona? Take a piece home with you! Let's take a piece of Cholla Cactus skeleton, cut it down and whittle and form it to the shape we want. Then we make a 2 piece 3D mold that can be used over and over again. With the mold we will create the silver cactus, file a bit and refine. We create the bail within the piece so it stays pure. Fire, patina and polish and you have a precious silver piece of Cholla Cactus to wear around your neck. Don't forget to bring a thin silver chain to insert. Notice I said THIN. Final piece will be about 2-3 inches long by 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide.

Kit Includes:

Cholla cactus skeleton pieces gathered to make mold, PMC silver clay, mold material, drill bits, work surface, teflon sheet, lil bella humidifier, firing services, patina materials, consumables, items for class enhancement. Keep in mind final piece will be approximately 2-3 inches long by 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide. They are small and dainty and special.

Students should bring the following tools:

magnifiers, fine pink emery board, exacto knife, THIN silver chain 18 to 22 inch depending on your preference. Thick chain will not work. Try a cordano chain. They have a texture that compliments your cactus piece. You could also bring fine leather cord you can knot into an adjustable neck piece

Instructor will provide the following tools for use in class:

I will have Dremel tools with polishing wheels, a kiln, patina materials and a few extra tools if needed.

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