See Tucson Gem Show Classes at JOGS 2013

Classes by Date

REGISTERING NOW - 4 Day Gem, Jewelry & Gift Show - September 8-11, 2016

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
        Sept. 8th Sept. 9th Sept. 10th
Sept. 11th            


CLASSES COMING SOON - 12 Day Gem and Jewelry Show - January 26th - Feburary 6, 2017

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
        Jan. 26th Jan. 27th Jan. 28th
Jan. 29th Jan. 30th Jan. 31st Feb. 1st Feb. 2nd Feb. 3rd Feb. 4th
Feb. 5th Feb. 6th          

Here we've made it quick and easy for you to shop for your 2017 Tucson jewelry making classes. Simply pick a date when you'll be at the show and see all of the classes we have to offer that day. We have a wide variety of jewelry making classes this year at the JOGS show, at the Tucson Expo Center. These classes will be taught by renowned jewelry artists and kept to a small size for a more personal experience. If you'd prefer to shop by instructor, click here. We look forward to seeing you in Tucson!